What we do (Our UK Work)

Cultural Connections: Empowering Children in the UK and Africa

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This comprehensive programme's purpose is to nurture connections between Afrikan, Afrikan Caribbean (Black) Children in the UK and Africa, promoting cultural understanding, self-confidence, and pride in their Afrikan heritage. By addressing the legacy of colonialism and neo-colonialism, we will empower children to develop a deeper appreciation for their roots, themselves and their peers

Programme Objectives

  • To promote cultural exchange and understanding between children in the UK and Africa
  • To instil pride and self-confidence in Afrikan, Afrikan Caribbean (Black) Children in the UK and Afrikan children, celebrating their Afrikan heritage
  • To address the legacy of colonialism and neo-colonialism, promoting a positive narrative about Afrika
  • To provide opportunities for physical visits to Afrika, enabling children to connect with their roots and heritage

Programme Structure

The programme will consist of the following core components:

  • Cultural Education
  • A pedagogy that explores Afrikan history (world history), culture, and traditions, highlighting the contributions and achievements of Afrikan people
  • We invite Afrikan scholars, artists, and cultural activists to share their expertise and experiences with the children
  • Cultural events, workshops, and performances that showcase Afrikan music, dance, art, and literature
  • Application of cultural solutions to current problems in the Afrikan (Black Community/ nation)

Exchange Programmes

  • Establish partnerships with schools, groups and organisations in Afrika, enabling exchange programmes for children, parents and educators
  • Organise homestays, cultural immersion programmes, and community participation projects that promote cross-cultural understanding and exchange
  • A pen-pal programme, enabling children to create relationships and share experiences with Afrikans in the UK and Afrikan and the diaspora

Physical Visits to Africa

  • Organise guided tours to Afrika by Afrikans, enabling children to visit historical sites, cultural landmarks, and Ancestral homelands
  • Collaborate with local communities and organisations to provide immersive experiences, such as traditional ceremonies, cultural performances, and community projects
  • Ensure children have opportunities to engage with their Afrikan heritage, explore and absorb their roots and connect with their past to shape their present and future


Cultural Educational Programme in Ghana (Our Afrika work)

This program aims to empower children by reconnecting them with their cultural heritage and nurturing a positive self-identity.         

Program Components:

History Lessons:

  • Pre-colonial Afrikan/Ghanaian history, highlighting the rich cultural heritage, traditions, and achievements of the Afrikan people before colonisation.
  • The impact of colonialism and neo-colonialism on Ghana, including the exploitation of resources, cultural suppression, and the struggle for independence.

Writing Workshops: Children's Entrepreneurial Book Project

  • Children will learn about Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and write a collective biography of him
  • The book will be sold to raise funds for the school's information and communications technology (ICT) unit

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